Ostend-Bruges International Airport

Are you flying from the Ostend-Bruges International Airport to your travel destination? Or would you just like to visit the airport? ibis budget Oostende Airport is only 2 km away!

Fort Napoleon

Fort Napoleon was the setting for hundreds of years of history. The French waited there afraid of the English and German soldiers used it as a buffer against the Allies. Follow a trail along the history of the fort and discover all of the (new) stories. Great fun for young and old!

The James Ensor House

The James Ensor House is the place where Ensor lived and worked until his death in 1949 and was made into a museum almost immediately after his death. Now it has also been restored to its original state and full glory. In short, the Mecca for fans of the artist.

Crystal Ship

The Crystal Ship is Europe’s largest festival about art in a public space. There are more than 50 huge wall paintings and art interventions of renowned performers: both national and international artists. Together, these works of art form an artistic trail in the city.


Mu.ZEE is the only location in the world that focuses on modern and contemporary art in Belgium from 1880 to today. You can enjoy its iconic building, the beautiful collection and the growing knowledge about art. Insight is given into the fascinating incomplete story of art in Belgium, artist by artist.

The Raversyde domain

Wander through the bunkers and trenches of World War II. More than 60 bunkers, observation posts and gun positions were connected by two kilometres of open or underground passages. Together, they form one of the best preserved parts of the German lines of defence: the ‘Atlantic Wall’. Raversyde is a unique bit of nature along our coast.


Do you want to visit the Oosteroever from the centre of Ostend? Take the ferry! It is free and you reach the other side in less than five minutes. On the Oosteroever, you can explore the area around the fish market or visit Fort Napoleon.